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The Congress Center has three places to eat: a restaurant offering elegant views across the city of Nagoya, a cafeteria providing meals with a view of the waterfall adjacent to the sunken garden, and a casual coffee lounge. Enjoy a leisurely break in any one of these three establishments. Whether you feel like taking your time over a meal or refreshing yourself with a comforting cup of tea, the Congress Center offers a range of styles of venue in which to relax.

Skyview Restaurant Pastel ◆Skyview Restaurant Pastel
【Location】 7th floor, Building 1
【Capacity】 120 seats, 150 standing buffet
【Opening hours】 11:00-14:00

◇Dinner is by reservation only for groups of at least 10 people, and costs from ¥3,500 per person.
◇The restaurant can be reserved for private parties or dinners from the early evening, for groups of at least 25 people.
◇Opening times may vary depending on the preparations required for particular types of reservation.

Cafeteria Cascade ◆Cafeteria Cascade
【Location】 1st basement floor, Building 3
【Capacity】 250 seats, 300 standing buffet
【Opening hours】 * Open as required. Basic opening hours 11:00-14:00

Coffee Shop YURI ◆Coffee Shop YURI
【Location】 2nd floor, connecting corridor with Building 2
【Capacity】 Approx. 100 seats
【Opening hours】 9:00-17:00

◆Restaurant Pastel, Cafeteria Cascade, Coffee Shop YURI
 TEL: 052-683-7731  FAX: 052-683-7730

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